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        I provide outpatient therapy to adults 21 years and older, specializing in relationship and attachment issues. I treat people who are struggling with loss, life transitions, relationship difficulties and communication issues. I work primarily with adult women, but reserve a portion of my practice to working with adult men struggling with similar concerns, including the pressures of fatherhood. Additional areas of specialty are depression, anxiety, sexuality and maternal mental health. 

           Psychodynam​ic psychotherapy focuses primarily on the relationship patterns between the therapist and the client. I draw heavily from an object-relations orientation. This type of approach focuses on early childhood caregiver relationships and how those experiences may be playing out in the dynamic between me and the client. The goal of this work is to gently bring to the surface uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that a client may not be aware of but are showing up in different areas of his/her life, indicating an unmet need or painful feeling. When difficult feelings or needs are acknowledged without judgment and worked through in therapy, clients often experience deep internal change and notice themselves responding differently in many areas of their lives. The point is to recognize and address issues that are impacting a client's current life, not to focus unnecessarily on the past.  I also will encourage the use of self-care strategies, help clients to identify and change unhealthy thought-patterns and help clients build upon their inner strengths and resources.

         Treatment is 50-55 minutes in length and once per week, as schedules allow. Consistent attendance is a critical factor in experiencing progress. When you begin therapy, you will be asked questions and expected to answer honestly as best you can. I know it can feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. My goal is to provide a warm, reassuring atmosphere where you can share openly and feel seen and understood. Most importantly, at the heart of therapy is a relationship where you and I are working together to think about problems and help you learn to solve them. There is no magic involved and it can feel like hard work at times. Rest assured that I will walk with you at your unique pace and we will frequently discuss how you are experiencing our time together.

 It's no easy task to find a therapist these days.  It's important to find one who will feel right to you.  To that, I provide a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation where we can discuss your needs and if I can help.   To schedule this,  feel free to reach out to me at: 


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