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Pregnancy and Postpartum Suppor​t


   Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood are some of the most extraordinary experiences of a lifetime.  But we often don't talk about how emotionally, physically and mentally draining these experiences can be. While there may be many precious moments of joy, they can often be accompanied by feelings of confusion, sadness, fear and anger.  Hardest of all, many moms secretly worry that they are just not measuring up.  Add postpartum mental illness to the picture and daily life can feel even more overwhelming and impossible to manage.

The truth is that anyone, regardless of economic, ethnic or personal background, can be struck with postpartum anxiety and depression.  It often catches families by surprise.   In fact, recent studies indicate that as many as 1 in 7 women experiences PPD.  Experiencing these debilitating symptoms while trying to care for an infant can make each day feel like you are swimming upstream, fighting a strong current that is pushing you down. Without the right support and education, symptoms can worsen and sometimes become serious.

        It doesn't have to be this hard. Therapy can be where we begin to take care of you. We can talk about this change and explore how pregnancy and motherhood have impacted your life and identity.  Regardless of the "type" of mother you may be,  I will provide a space where it is safe to share the unfiltered truth about what parenthood like is for you.  It could be hard for you or your loved ones to know if what you are feeling is merely a normal reaction to the profound adjustments of parenthood or a sign of illness that requires specific treatment.   This is why an assessment with a trained perinatal therapist is so essential.  Because it takes a village to support a family, I try to collaborate closely with partners, lactation consultants, pediatricians, OB GYNs and other involved providers.

       If you do not feel like yourself since giving birth or loved ones have expressed concern, it's a good idea to talk with a maternal mental health professional.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss if therapy would benefit you.

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